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Here travelers and activity seekers can experience a taste of Hawaii through Kelly’s lens. We offer videos loaded with information and tips on Hawaii. We offer links to amazing products and services, including discounts and insights you can only get here. Reach out to engage with our blog posts. Give us your valuable feedback for future features on this platform, Come breathe our paradise.

When you prepare for your next vacation or looking to move to Hawaii. Kelly’s Hawaii is filled with the knowledge and data you need. Our “WE CARE FOR YOU” culture is obviously working. Stay safe gang, Aloha from Paradise.

Hawaii Visitor Pledge

I pledge to be pono (righteous) in Hawaii.
I will mindfully seek wonder, but not wander where I do not belong.
I will not defy death for breathtaking photos, trespass or venture beyond safety.
I will malama (care for) land and sea, and admire wildlife only from afar.
I will not take what is not mine, leaving lava rocks and sand as originally found.
I will heed ocean conditions, never turning my back to the Pacific.
When rain falls mauka (inland), I will remain high above ground, out of rivers and streams.
I will embrace Hawaii’s aloha spirit, as it embraces me.

Lawe i ka maʻalea i kuʻonoʻono.
“Take wisdom and make it deep.”

Amazing Honolulu Bicycle Experiences

Visit Us @ Bike Tour Hi Mobile 2.0

Visit Us @ Bike Tour Hawaii 1.0

Kelly here, Living Aloha, as a former Ironman endurance athlete, bike tour leader, and realtor by day, aspiring travel influencer by night. I live the dream in Honolulu Hawaii, residing in the Waikiki neighborhood on the Island of Oahu… Welcome to this web portal.

(I really enjoy riding powerful waves when the surfing swells arrive.)

Kelly’s Hawaii YouTube

Here’s my first Vlog post for this new gig, 9.29,2020 I’ve designed this vlog to aid travelers in their Hawaiian vacation and lifestyle experiences… Waikiki Beach Workout offers world-class fitness leadership when you join the class. Cost? It’s free 99: Yes it’s free, We use this term in Hawaii to honor our pidgin language that’s engrained in our island culture.

Stay Safe, “Breathe Paradise”


Here’s a list of good times and select eats in Waikiki. Visit these businesses to taste the Islands and feel the Aloha Hawaii has for you and your Ohana.

Surfrider Beach Bar * Moana Surfrider

Dukes Waikiki

Hula Grill Waikiki *

Mai Tai Bar* Royal Hawaiian Hotel*

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Waikiki

Maui Brewing Company *

Moani (International Market Place)

Liliha Bakery (International Market Place)

Marugame Udon

* Ko Tiki Terrace *

Sams Kitchen

Paia Fish Market

Ice Monster (dessert)*